It's important to understand the billing section of your ActionSprout account because that's 100% in your hands. We want you to use (and pay for) only what you need for your particular Facebook page(s).

To access the billing screen, first log into your ActionSprout account and select the Facebook page you'd like to work with. 

Next select Account Settings from the left men and Billing right under that.

Keep in mind: Each page you connect to ActionSprout will be billed separately. 

Billing History 

Inside this billing section you’ll find a place to view your past billing history for that particular account. Just click the green Billing History button on the upper right of the page.

This will open a page that will look something like this: 

From here you can see each change to your account. You also have the ability to save it as PDF, just view it, or email any invoice from the list. 

Manage Your Payment Info

The next section lists your current payment information. It looks like this: 

This section will let you know how you're currently paying for ActionSprout, when you should expect to be billed next, and your current plan. This is also where you can add coupons, if you have them.

In the upper-right corner you’ll find a place to update and/or change your payment method.

Manage Your Subscription Plan 

The last section of this page lists the different plans we offer. There are three options.

  • Free: You may stay on the free plan as long as you’d like. There is no limit or cut-off date.
  • Pro Plan: With this plan, you can choose to be billed monthly or annually. The benefit of choosing an annual billing plan is that you'll save money over time versus the monthly.
  • Free Trial: Each plan offers a free trial.

You can upgrade or downgrade your account from this page at any time. There are no monthly or annual contracts. The pricing link will take you to more information on pricing plans, features, and billing.

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