Have you ever noticed that each supporter tracked in your ActionSprout account has an assigned Engagement Level? How is that calculated? What does it even mean? Why should you care?

The Engagement Level metric is a measure of how much a person has:

  1. Reacted to and commented on your posts
  2. Completed actions posted on your Page
  3. Donated to your cause

In other words, it tracks each supporter's complete history of engagement with your cause on Facebook, and it continues to update as that person likes, donates, and comments.


There's no limit to a supporter's Engagement Level "score." As they interact with your page, they'll continue to earn points as follows:

  • Likes X 1
  • Comments X 5
  • Actions completed X 20
  • Donation amount given X 5

So, why should you care?

This can make a difference in how you communicate with different categories of supporters. Supporters with low Engagement Levels, for instance, may need more convincing, while supporters with higher Engagement Levels deserve your thanks and gratitude 😌

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