Some Facebook users don’t like authorizing apps or may not have a Facebook account at all. Don't worry! They can still complete your Actions by manually filling out a form that contains all the required information you need.

This manual form will launch when the user indicates that they don't want to authorize the app by unchecking that box below the action button. 

By default, this manual form includes first name, last name and email address:

It will look something like the following: 

If you want to change the language that appears next to the check box, open the Action Editing screen. Just click the Social Actions tab of your ActionSprout account then click the Edit button for the action

Scroll to the Privacy section of the editing screen and look for the Share Agreement Text box.

Fill in the text that you'd like readers to see under your call-to-action button. This text should indicate to your supporters that they can also take action manually, separate from Facebook. 

Then simply click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. Now your action will be customized and your community can get involved, without or with tying their support to a Facebook account.

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