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As your action develops over time you can easily share progress updates with folks who have already taken the action, as well as, any new supporters who are viewing it for the first time. This allows you to keep supporters in the loop or give fresh faces a fast update on where the campaign is now and how they can help.

Creating and Managing Action Updates

To get started, log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook page you'd like to work with from the accounts screen. 

Next, open the Social Actions section of your account and open any action you'd like to create an update for: 

At the top of the Editing screen click the updates tab, then click the green Add an Update button in the middle of the page: 

A place to write your update will then open. Type in your update, then click Save and Publish: 

You can always come back to this Updates menu to review all updates made for this action, edit any existing updates or create a new update:

Once finished, your action updates will appear just below your featured image and right above your description:

As you can see, any supporter viewing your action can share your Action and update with their own friends and family:


  1. Updates cannot be made for Sproutlets. There just isn’t enough real-estate 
  2. There are NO limits to the number of updates you can make for a single action
  3. There are NO character or content limits for updates. Write as much as you need and feel free to include images or videos
  4. Updates cannot be deleted once created, only updated

Sharing Your Updates

Each update you create for an action will come with it’s own unique link you can share anywhere. This link will act as a full action post when shared and will be tracked and treated as such on your action’s dashboard inside of ActionSprout.

On Facebook this share it will look something like the following:

  • A place for you to write your own thoughts and message at the top
  • The selected update quoted right below
  • The link to the action

Now when someone clicks on my post above they will be taken to the action with the update in question fully expanded for them to read. (If you have other updates on the action they will start as collapsed unless expanded by the viewer.)

Automatic Facebook Notifications Available on the Gold Plan

If you are a Gold plan member you have the additional option to send updates to action takers via Facebook notifications. Simply check the box below when creating your update:

Once you click Save and Publish all pervious action takers will receive a Facebook notification letting them know:

Clicking on this notification will take them to the action will the update expanded for them to read.

Please note: If you go back and update this update, a new notification will not be sent to supporters.

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