As we've mentioned in previous posts, your organization's content shouldn't be all "me me me." Part of building a community of supporters is finding and sharing other content that will interest, inspire, and connect them.

Our Inspiration feed helps by providing ideas for content that you might like to share. These suggestions are based on your community's previous engagement, but you can make it even more precise to the dialog you want to build, for ultimately more engagement and less work for you!


On every post inside your Inspiration feed, you'll find green "up vote" arrows and red "down vote" arrows. 

Click the green arrow if you'd like to see more of that kind of content in your feed. 

Or click the red arrow if you'd like your feed to include less of that type of content.

When you down vote a piece of content, you'll notice that the post will take on a faded appearance. If you refresh the page or come back later, it will be gone altogether.

Soon you'll start to see that you'll have to scroll through ideas less, and you'll be posting more. It's as easy as a few clicks, so go vote and tell us what you think!

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