Drew Bernard (Cofounder)

Drew’s a rabid advocate for making the world a healthier, more just, and more joyful place. He spends his days supporting ActionSprout’s team and partners to ensure they have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, on Facebook and beyond. Drew’s been helping organizations build productive online relationships with their supporters online since the early 2000s.

When he's not in the office, he’s usually mentoring entrepreneurs or having fun exploring with his wife, kids, and labradoodle, Charlie.

Shawn Kemp (Cofounder)

Shawn believes in people’s power to create lasting change. That's why it's his mission to help connect organizations with their supporters. Hopped up on caffeine and typically under-slept, you’ll find Shawn involved in nearly every aspect of ActionSprout, from answering support questions at midnight to finding new ways to make Facebook work better. Outside of work, you can find Shawn hanging out with his family, exploring the wilderness, or coaching aspiring local entrepreneurs.

Nathan Carnes 

Nathan wrangles ActionSprout's developers to keep our servers healthy and our endless lines of code nice and comfy. A survivor of grueling agency life, he now uses his rich mix of cutting-edge design and development skills to craft ActionSprout’s form and function. He hasn’t actually used his super-cool archaeology degree yet, but it's a nice conversation piece at cocktail parties.

Amiel Martin

Amiel has developed for browsers since the '90s when he started writing DHTML. Since then, he’s transformed himself into a professional Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Javascript web developer. Amiel has architected and maintained a large variety of projects including iPhone applications, web-based internal business tools, full-custom CMS solutions, and critical public-facing business tools for larger enterprises. Interesting tidbit: He used to perform with the Flying Karamazov Brothers!

Andrea Frost

Andrea is passionate about using technology to make the world a better place. With many years of nonprofit experience, she's incredibly excited to build ActionSprout tools that make life easier for nonprofits. When not officially at work, Andrea volunteers with the Creators & Innovators Club for Girls, Whatcom Hospice, and WWU Association for Women in Computing. She also loves getting out in the mountains with her dog from Alaska.

Briana Milligan

Briana works hard to make sure every customer is successful with ActionSprout. A true believer in the world-changing power of social media and emergent-tech, she directs her passion towards helping nonprofits tap into the stream of web culture. When she isn’t helping nonprofits reach their goals, she’s typically hiking, knitting, or hanging out with her cat Sniglet and dog Artoo. 

Kyle Rader

Kyle has a soft spot for building beautiful applications that positively impact the world. He started coding in high school and fell in love with computer science at Western Washington University. Now he's a full stack developer at ActionSprout, helping non-profits around the globe! When Kyle isn't programming for ActionSprout he's programming for a number of side projects, including Out in Science and the WWU Puzzle Hunt. He also enjoys trampolining, gymnastics, riding motorcycles, and playing the cello... though not simultaneously, of course.

Sarah Francis

Sarah's super power is using technology to get millions of people incredibly excited to help organizations succeed. At ActionSprout she works with organizations to uncover data-driven insights and strategies to do exactly that. When she's not in the office she's backpacking with her family, concocting crazy meals in her kitchen or volunteering at her local community center.

Katie Hewitt 

Katie loves finding creative ways to get advocates excited about making a difference. She'll be the first to pump people up to use their power and lead the way to vibrant and just communities. At ActionSprout, she helps people learn how to unlock the power of Facebook to move their missions forward. When she's not on her computer, she's playing the drums, embroidering things on pillows or taking a long walk in the woods.

Katie Johnson

Katie believes in the potential of people to work together to further the health of people and the planet. That’s why it’s her mission to make the everyday user experience of ActionSprout intuitive and rewarding for non-profit users and their organizations.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys exploring Washington on bike and foot, and spending time with her family.

Michael Padon

Michael likes building intuitive applications and interfaces that people love to use. He has a degree in cognitive sciences and psychology, and tries to constantly think about the big picture and what people need to succeed with software.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he enjoys cooking, coffee, and supporting the local arts and tiki cocktail scene.

Jess Schoonmaker

Jess is an extroverted introvert. Whether you get brain-fried, tired Jess or bubbly, energetic Jess depends on if she spent the night working with the homeless or if she had too much coffee. Her background is all over the place but her passion remains the same -- from customer support to aquatics to early education to financial advising, she works to make a difference in people’s lives.

 When she isn’t at work, she and her partner raise two very happy kids: "Monkey" and "Tiny". That collaboration takes many forms including hiking, camping, swimming, running, biking, and churching.

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