Where would your organization be without its supporters? You wouldn't be able to grow your cause, fund it, or even get the word out.

Supporters are key to all of your social media efforts. That's why we consider our People feature one of the most beneficial parts of our tool. So how can it help? Let's walk through it.

Supporter Data

Any person who's engaged with your Facebook page will automatically have a "profile" of sorts in your ActionSprout account. This profile will include any personal info they've shared with you so far, their past history of engagement with your page, how much they've given to your cause and more. 

As you can see above, the first page of a person's profile tallies how many actions they've completed for you, how many comments they've made on your posts, how many posts they've reacted to, and their total donations to your cause (along with their personal information of course!).

On the second page of their profile, under Activity, you'll find a complete history of their engagement with your Facebook page and any social actions you've shared on your page. 

Depending on how a particular person has engaged with your Facebook page, you may or may not have contact information for them as well. 

  • Completed a social action: If your supporter has completed one or more of your social actions, you'll receive their name, email address, where they live, and any additional information you requested via the social action. 
  • Only engaged with a post: If they've have only reacted to or commented on your Facebook posts, you'll simply see a link to their Facebook profile and a list of their past engagement with your Facebook page.

Filtering and Sorting

You’ll also find some options to help sort through your supporters in the People section of your account.

  • Active: This is anyone who's engaged with or completed one of your social actions in the last seven days.
  • New: These are people who've engaged with one of your Facebook posts, or completed one of your social actions, in the last seven days for the very first time. They have not engaged with your Facebook page until this point. 
  • Action Takers: This is anyone who's completed at least one of your social actions. They are now contactable supporters who've opted into future communications with your organization. (The Silver plan is required to download contacts.)
  • All People: This is a master list of everyone who's ever interacted with your organization's Facebook page since you've started using ActionSprout 😀

At the top of this screen, you’ll also find the option to further filter your action takers by particular action.

You can even sort by the date that they were first seen or most recently seen engaging with your content. 

Lastly, you can apply tags to the supporters displayed in your ActionSprout account. At the top of the page, you'll find a place to sort by these customer tags: 

Exporting Data 

Once you have your report configured, chances are you'll want to save it or use it elsewhere.

To do this, you'll simply need to export it as a CSV file by clicking the Export button at the top right corner of your screen.

You'll receive the CSV file in your inbox shortly. 

Remember: The data you can export from our People tab focuses on your supporters. If you want to export data about a particular action you've circulated, go to your Actions tab and click the Export button next to the action in question. 

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