The ActionSprout Comments Inbox makes managing your Facebook comments almost ridiculously easy. The tool organizes your comments into two buckets:

  • Priority
  • Other

As the name would imply, you should attend to the comments in the Priority tab first and then dive into the Other comments.

Within the Comments Inbox you’ll find some of the same features you know and love from Facebook as well as exclusive comment management tools from ActionSprout that enable you to:

  • Address the most important comments first via the Priorities tab we mentioned.
  • Quickly access the profiles and activity history of each commenter, so you have the appropriate context for your response.
  • Tag important people so you can easily identify donors, VIPs, staff, or even trolls and receive notification when they make comments.
  • Like comments (as an organization) to show your supporters that you’re listening.
  • Reply to comments publicly or via direct message for further conversation and follow up.
  • Hide or delete comments that are not appropriate.
  • Assign a comment to one of your teammates, so they receive notification and can respond.
  • Receive immediate notification when a commenter uses profanity.
  • Get a daily reminder if there are any new priority comments.
  • Receive recommendations for how to address each comment, based on an analysis of the comment and person making it.
  • Manage comments as your Facebook Page and stop worrying about accidentally exposing your personal Facebook profile.

Kind of handy, huh? Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

Comments Inbox FAQ

What comments show up in my Comments Inbox?

Comments that are made on any post in your Timeline will show up in your Comments Inbox.

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