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Comments inbox makes managing the comments you receive on Facebook a much more organized and streamlined process. The tool divides your comments into two buckets:

  • Priority
  • Other

If you do nothing else, attending to the comments in the priority tab is key:

Comments Inbox includes the following features:

As you’re managing your comments through the tool you’ll find some of the same features you know and love from Facebook. In addition you'll also have access to some comment management tool exclusive to ActionSprout. 

  • A priority view so that you can deal with the most important comments first.
  • View the profiles and activity history for each commenter so that you have the appropriate context for responding.
  • Tag important people so that you can identify your donors, VIPs, staff or even trolls, and get notified when they make comments in the future.
  • Like comments (as your organization) to show your supporters that you’re listening.
  • Reply to comments publicly or through a direct message to continue the conversation or offer a follow-up.
  • Hide or delete comments that are not appropriate.
  • Assign a comment to one of your teammates so that they are notified and can respond.
  • Get notified immediately when a commenter uses profanity.
  • Get a daily reminder if there are any new priority comments.
  • Automatic recommendations for how to address each comment, based on an analysis of the comment and person making it.
  • Manage comments as your Facebook Page; stop worrying about accidentally exposing your personal Facebook profile.
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