Inside of ActionSprout’s handy Inspiration tool, you can curate content of interest to your nonprofit and its supporters.

Content curation is the act of finding, saving, and sharing popular, trending content related to your cause and mission. It could include news articles and blog posts on a subject or videos, and images from other like minded organizations involved with your cause. 

All in all, this curation increases the amount of content you can share on your Facebook each day, thus increasing the reach and engagement your Facebook page receives. 

Step 1: Follow Great Pages

At the foundation of any good content strategy are the Facebook Pages you’ll curate from. These are the pages you’ll follow through the Inspiration section of your account:

When choosing which pages to follow, pay attention to the content they publish and the audience they’ve built.

Does their content resonate with how you think about your issues? Is it showing good engagement (lots of reactions, comments and shares)?

Some types of pages to follow might include:

  • National and international organizations
  • Local and similar organizations in your space
  • Media outlets that cover your issues
  • Noteworthy public figures
  • Thought leaders

Optional: Tag your followed Pages to group and filter them

Take advantage of tags! Tags allow you to group and organize the pages you follow. You can then use tags to sort and filter your results later. We like to tag news sources as "news," chapters as "chapters," and so on. Keep it simple and easy to sort through. You can always add or remove tags later, too.

Step 2: Browse Your Inspiration Feed

Inspiration pulls the top-performing content from the pages that you follow and gives you an always-updated stack of great content. Then you can share that content on your page or simply pull inspiration from it when creating your own content.

Browse your results and see what you find. If the content largely contains info that you wouldn’t share to your page, go back to Step 1 and try following different pages. It’s normal for this to take some work and tweaking, but you'll find a good set over time.

Step 3: Schedule Content to be Shared to Your Page

Find some content that you’d like to share on your own page and click the share button. This will open the sharing menu, where you can schedule the content to post to your Page the next time a good amount of your fans and supporters are on Facebook.

How does the tool know when your fans and supporters were on Facebook? Facebook provides that data to all Page managers. When you connect your Facebook Page to ActionSprout, we'll automatically pull that data and suggest the best times for you. Convenient, huh?

Step 4: Shoot for 3-5 Posts Per Day

We suggest logging into the app on a Monday and scheduling all of your posts for the week. Alternatively, you could pop in every morning and just take care of that day. It really comes down to choosing a strategy that's most convenient and doable for your team. Just make sure that you post 3-5 a day, and you'll consistently see more organic reach and engagement on your page.

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