Posting frequency

Let's cut right to the chase, the answer is at least once a day. 

That's right in order to determine which of your stories to show to people Facebook needs what are called signals. 

Signals are the interactions people take on your posts, things such as liking it, commenting, sharing, or clicking on it. The more positive signals someone has given related to your page the more likely they are to see your new posts. 

Scheduling posts

But the reality is you probably don't have the time to be creating and posting a story every single day, especially on weekends when most people spend time on Facebook.

But that's ok because Facebook lets us schedule posts to publish in the future. 

When you hit share on a story in ActionSprout we automatically pick the next best time to publish the story so you have a weeks worth of posts at the perfect times each day. 

We start you at a 1 post a day goal, but you can adjust that if you want to engage more people and send even more signals.

And with scheduling you can get your whole weeks worth of posts queued up in a single 10-15 minute session once a week. 

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