There are lots of ways to measure the success of your Facebook efforts. But there is one metric that we like to pay attention to above all else, Engagement Rate. 

What is engagement rate?

Engagement rate is calculated by taking the number of people that engaged with a post and dividing it by the number of people who saw that post in their feed. 

This rates usually varies from 1% up to 30% for most pages. Based on our data anything over 5% is in the good category and over 10% is really good. 

Using engagement rate

You can look at engagement rates all up for a period of time across all the posts you have made. Or you can look at the engagement rate on a specific post. 

We recommend tracking your engagement rate for the page on a weekly basis. But looking at the posts you made to understand what type of content is the most engaging and which is the least. And then making sure you do more like the ones over 8% and less like the ones under 3%. 

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