If you have the Facebook page and the supporters, it's time to start thinking about raising the funds you need for your cause. Luckily, with ActionSprout's convenient Stripe integration, it's as easy as a post.

Please note: You may also want to check out our guides for how to create a post action donation and how to choose the best donation action option for you.

To get started, log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook page you'd like to work with from the Accounts screen. 

Next, open the Social Actions section of your account and click the green Create Action button at the top.

Find Donations in the list and then click the Create button.

This will open the action Editing screen, where you'll need to add your call-to-action, description, and image.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a place to set up your donation form and buttons. Toggle on the donation option and fill in the information, as you see here:

The Amounts text box is where you'll create your donation buttons. Separate each amount with a comma (no spaces). They will appear something like this once you're finished: 

As for how you should post your donation action to Facebook, we strongly suggest a link post. For the vast majority of organizations, link posts do a better job of driving more people to take action. Supporters prefer this format because, when they click on the image of a link post, it takes them to the social action page where they can make their donation... all while staying inside of Facebook.

When you paste a URL into your status update box, Facebook creates a link post for you, automatically adding the social action’s title, a portion of your description, and its page image to the post. But don't worry. You can edit this info before posting. Simply click “Upload an Image” or the text you'd like to change. Use the title to highlight the call to action again, and double check that your description is motivating and attention-grabbing. Remember, your post is competing for attention in people's newsfeeds. Make it stand out as much as you can.

And that's it! Now you’re ready to share your own donation action and start accepting donations.

For a handy list of tried-and-true tips for crafting an effective fundraising action, visit our donation best practices guide. 

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