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A Profile Campaign gives Facebook users the opportunity to support your cause by changing their profile picture to get the word out. As with any campaign, it's good to understand who followed through, in order to inform future campaigns.

While you won’t be able to see exactly which people took action, you can set up a Facebook pixel to view aggregate data about the overall group.

Note: To set up Facebook pixels you need to have Facebook Ads Manager.

Setting Up a Facebook Pixel

Log into your Facebook Ads Manager, click on the Ads Manger dropdown menu, and choose Pixels.

If you've already set up a Facebook pixel, you should see it on this next page.

To set up a new pixel, selet Facebook Pixel at the top and then click the green Set Up Pixel button.

Once you have your pixel ID, copy it and navigate back to your Profile Campaign. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste your ID into the box provided.

Viewing Your Data

Log into your Facebook Ads Manager and scroll down to where you created the pixel ID. You should see a button that says Create Audience. Click on that.

Now you can set the parameters, so you can track who visited your campaign. Just duplicate the info provided below, replacing the unique campaign URL with your own and adjusting the number of days as necessary.

Note: For your unique campaign URL, you simply need to copy and paste in the last six numbers and characters of the campaign's URL.

Now you'll be able to see which folks have navigated to your campaign. It will be a mix of people who both changed their profile picture to support your cause and who wanted to learn more.

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