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If you're reading this troubleshooting guide you likely were trying to connect a Facebook page to ActionSprout that failed to appear in your list of available pages. There are three main reasons this could have happened: 

Inadequate permissions on the Facebook page  

In order to connect a Facebook page to ActionSprout, you must be an Admin or Editor on the Facebook page. It's possible you have a lower level permission on the page or no permissions at all. 

To fix this you can ask someone who does have access to the page to bump up your permission level to Admin or Editor. Or they can choose to sign up for ActionSprout themselves, connect the Facebook page, than add you as a teammate to the ActionSprout account thus giving you access. 

Unpublished Facebook page 

Only published, public Facebook pages can be connected and managed through ActionSprout. If your Facebook page is unpublished or private in anyway it will not be available to connect to ActionSprout until it is public. Here's how to publish a unpublished page. 

Group or Personal Facebook Profile 

Only Facebook pages can be connected to ActionSprout. If you manage a Facebook Group or personal profile instead it will not be listed as available to connect. More information on converting a Facebook profile to a page here. 

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