Under the Timeline section of your ActionSprout account, you’ll find a not-so-secret weapon to quickly boosting any of your Facebook posts: Facebook ads! They do work, and you don't need to be an advertising genius to use them. With our tool, anyone can boost a post and get results.

Getting Started 

To get started, log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook page you'd like to work with on the Accounts screen. 

Next, open Timeline and click the Promote button on any piece of content that you’d like to boost.

This will open the Promote Post menu, where you'll choose the Facebook ad account you’d like to use. You can choose to create a brand new campaign, or use an existing one to promote the post. 

Then select the ad set that you want your post to belong in.

All that's left to do is click that green Place ad button at the bottom of the menu. Your promoted post then goes into review, soon to be approved or rejected by Facebook’s ad policies.

Assuming it's approved, Facebook will then promote your post based on the ad campaign and ad set you chose.

And that's it! Sit back and enjoy the results. 

Note: If you want to revisit your boosted posts for any reason, you can find them as ads inside your Facebook ads account. 

Have questions about Facebook ads? Ask us at info@actionsprout.com 


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