First things first, you need three things to set up the SmartAds feature:

Getting Started 

First, log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook page you'd like to work with from the Accounts screen.

Then open Timeline and click SmartAds

 In the middle of the screen, click the Setup SmartAds link: 

The following screen is where you will configure your SmartAds: 

First you'll select the Facebook Ad Account you'd like to run ads through.

Next, select the amount of money you've budgeted for Facebook ads each month. The minimum budget set by Facebook is $50, so this will need to be a budget of $50 or more dollars. Any ads you buy will be charged by Facebook to the credit card you have on file with them. 

Now you're ready to decide how you'd like the SmartAds tool to choose which of your Facebook posts to boost. Use the slider to optimize your ads based on your desired results: more engagement or more conversions?

Optimizing for engagement means you want to boost content that supporters are more likely to comment on and react to in the newsfeed. 

Optimizing for conversions means you want to boost content that supporters are more likely to take action on. This will only boost content that contains an ActionSprout social action. 

Sliding all the way to the left places the most ads. Sliding all the way to the right places only ads for social actions. In the middle you'll get a little of both.

Now you just need to decide whether you want the SmartAds tool to place ads automatically for you or to email you first before it does.

Please note: If you chose to be emailed first, uncheck the box. The SmartAds tool will draft ads on your behalf, but it will be your job to log into your Facebook Ads Manager to set them live, edit them, or delete them. Let's repeat that: If you uncheck the box, no ads will run unless you or a teammate manually turn them on. 

Almost done! Please indicate if your content is political in nature or not as defined by Facebook. 

Then, the last thing to do is, read and authorize the three boxes at the bottom of the setup screen. Then click Enable SmartAds. 

Post Setup

Once SmartAds are enabled, open the Timeline section of your account and then click SmartAds. 

At the top of the page you should find the following message:

Your ads will start running the moment the tool finds an over-performing post that it can boost on your behalf. This could take minutes or days, depending on how often you post to Facebook and how your supporters react to your content. For more information on how ads are chosen, please see How SmartAds Analyzes Post.

Once some ads are running, you'll find a short ad summary at the top of the SmartAds Summary page with a list of all the boosted posts below it.

Ta-da! Now you know how to use SmartAds to optimize your posts exactly how you want. Enjoy the results.

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