Facebook ads can be a powerful and effective tool for amplifying your Facebook reach and engagement... but only if they're used correctly! 

The good news is: You don't need to have a ad expert on staff to figure all that out. Our SmartAds tool takes care of it for you. All you have to do is set it up and let it run.

Getting Started

All you have to do is enable SmartAds in your ActionSprout account. Then the system monitors all of your Facebook posts and automatically promotes the best ones for you, based on the budget you set. 

Seriously. It's that easy!

The system also sends you an alert with a quick link to your Facebook Ad Manager every time it's ready to post an ad, so you can go in and make adjustments if needed. 

You are always in control of your ads and budget 😀

How SmartAds Analyzes Posts

SmartAds continuously monitors every post you make to your organization's Facebook page, using several variables to determine whether a post has a high likelihood of performing well (cost per result) if promoted.

These variables are constantly evolving and refined, in keeping with the latest trends and patterns on Facebook, but here are a few:

  • Performance – How did the number of people who engaged with the post compare to previous posts? Was it more or less than usual?
  • Engagement Rate – What percentage of the people who saw the post engage with it in some way, such as liking, commenting, sharing, or clicking on a link? Was this rate higher than normal, the same, or less?
  • Virality – How are people seeing the post in their feed? Was it because they are fans of your page or because someone they know shared it with them?
  • Social Action – Does the post have a way for people to engage further, such as signing a petition, registering for an event, or sharing an opinion? How well is that working? Are people clicking and following through?

Monthly Ad Sets

Think of Ad Sets as a standing order to spend a certain amount of money evenly over a given period of time.

Each month, ActionSprout automatically creates a new ad set that will contain your SmartAds for that month. It has a set budget (adjusted directly by you in your ActionSprout account) that paces the amount of ad money you're spending in a month and keeping you on target. 

(If you have existing ad campaigns in Facebook's ads manager you wish to use, they must have an engagement objective. Existing campaigns only work with engagement objectives.) 

Please note: Facebook sets a limit of 50 ads per ad set. This means the SmartAds tool will boost a maximum of 50 ads per month on your behalf. Don't worry! Few pages hit this limit! 

Dynamic Custom Audiences

Let's face it: Ads are only as good as the audience you're targeting, right? SmartAds creates and continually maintains custom audience sets for careful, continually monitored ad targeting. These audiences are created based on (but not including) the folks inside your ActionSprout account who have engaged with your Page. 

All Currencies Supported by Facebook Are Supported by SmartAds

SmartAds will automatically default to whatever currency you've set up in your Facebook ads account. In other words, if you have an active Facebook ads account, you can use SmartAds, regardless of your currency! 

Perfect Timing

The automated ads run for variable lengths of time, once added to the set. They usually run for about four to six days.

Email Notifications

SmartAds keep you and your team in the loop with immediate email notifications whenever a post is added, finished, or turned off. Conveniently, you can also turn ads off or quickly extend them via these handy email reminders.


Track your SmartAds activity at a glance, right inside the Timeline section of your ActionSprout account. There you can see reports on your monthly ad sets as a group as well as stats on each post. 

You Have Total Control

Because SmartAds sits on top of your Facebook Ad account, you have complete control over everything and can geek out on ads at any time. 

  • Increase or decrease the budget on your current month’s ad set.
  • Turn off ads for posts you don’t want to run, or keep one running for longer
  • Use custom audiences for other campaigns
  • Dive deep into the stats and see how many likes, comments, clicks, and new fans your SmartAds activity is driving

Have questions? No problem. Just email info@actionsprout.com. We'd be happy to help.

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