Once you've connected ActionSprout to your Facebook page, all notifications regarding that account will go straight to the email you've signed up with by default. Many nonprofits like that level of information and control over their page. 

But not everyone does! If that's you, you can easily customize our notifications to keep you informed at exactly the level you want. Nothing more. Our goal is to make your life more efficient, not less. 

To manage which ones you want to receive, click on the Notification Settings option in the left-hand menu under your name and image inside of ActionSprout.

On the following page you'll find a list of every account email we can send you. Check the ones you want, uncheck the ones you don't want, and then click Update at the bottom. 

Notice that some messages are sent as an old fashioned email to your inbox, while others will come as a Facebook notification. The icon on the far right will let you know how each will arrive.

These settings can be changed at any time and in no way affect which emails your fellow teammates receive from ActionSprout.

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