Sometimes your Facebook Page permissions can be 'selected wrongly' and therefore you are unable to connect the Facebook Page(s) you are have admin permissions for to ActionSprout. 

In these cases, please follow the below steps:  

Navigate to Facebook and click on the Settings menu: 

Under Settings find Business Integrations in the left hand menu: (

Find ActionSprout and click "View and edit": 

Here you can see and add the page(s) you want to connect with ActionSprout. You might need to click the "see more" link to show the page you're looking for. 

Check it in both "Manage your Pages" and "Show a list of the Pages you manage" and make sure both are checked for the page you want. 

Then come back to ActionSprout, hard refresh the page, and you should be able to see and access the correct Facebook page. 

Gave that a try but still cannot connect your Facebook page? We're happy to assist at 

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