Importing details about how people have engaged with your Facebook posts can give you a much more holistic view of who your community is and how they have engaged with your Page thus far. 

This engagement data comes in the form of reactions and comments left on your Facebook posts. 

Let's look at how that information is organized inside your account and how you can start collecting it. 

People Profiles 

If the supporters who've engaged with your content have engaged in the past, this new activity data will be added to their existing profile inside your account. This will be true for all future engagements or actions taken on your Page.

If they haven't engaged with your Page's content before, a new profile will be created for them, where future interactions with your Page will be tracked. 

Please note: Engagement activity tracking does not include access to supporters' email addresses. 

Using the Data

As you collect more engagement data from your posts, you'll be able to sort your people by Engagement Score inside your ActionSprout account.  This helps you quickly find your most actively engaged supporters connected with you on Facebook. 

You may want to reach out to these folks first if you need volunteers, donors or public support for your cause. Through their activity and actions with your Facebook Page and posts, they are sending you a message that they care ❤️

So where can you find this info?

Log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook Page you'd like to work with from the Accounts screen. 

Next, open the Timeline section of your account: 

Click the More button on any post you'd like to import data for. 

In the resulting menu, open the People tab and click on the green Import New Activity button.

This button may appear in a few different states...

Button states 

Never Imported

If the post has never had data imported from it, either by you or by a teammate, then you'll see this:

Last Imported

If a post has already had engagement data imported from it, it will display the date of the last import, like this:

Then, if you refresh the import, it will pull in any activity between the time it was last imported and now.

This option will also appear on posts containing actions. Action posts automatically import activity data. If you’re missing any data from an action post, just click the Refresh button to fix that.

Import in Progress

This indicates that our system is still processing your last import for that post.

If a post has a lot of engagement associated with it, the import could take anywhere from just a few minutes to a few hours to finish.

You can also see these different states of import on the post cards in Timeline. Simply hover over the people icon in the lower-left corner of the card to view the import status of that post.

Clicking on this icon will also take you to the import menu outlined above.

Automatically Import Engagement Data 

If you're a Gold Plan member, you also have the option to turn on automatic imports for all posts. These auto imports happen in real time and only pull data going forward. Past data will not be backfilled. 

To turn this feature on, simply click the Configure Auto Importing button at the top of your ActionSprout Timeline. That's it!

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