It's nice to send your donors receipts for their contributions, for their records and especially tax purposes. But who needs to add one more thing to the to-do list, right?

Well, good news! With ActionSprout, you can set up automatic email receipts every time you receive a donation via one of your ActionSprout Social Actions. Within minutes donors will receive confirmation of their contribution, showing them that extra bit of professionalism and attention to detail that shows you care about them as supporters of your cause.

Getting Started 

First, log into ActionSprout and select the Facebook page you'd like to work with from the Accounts screen. 

Then open the Social Actions section of your account and click the green Edit button under your donation action.

In the Editing screen select the Auto Responders tab at the top. Then switch on Donation Receipt Email, like this:

This will open up a blank email for you to create and customize your receipt email. You can indicate who you would like the email to come from, what the subject line should be, and what information will be included in the body of the email.

Also, remember to take advantage of our Smart Includes feature when creating your email. It's a fast and easy way to automatically include personalized information in the message, such as the person's name or donation amount.

Once you have your message crafted, just click Save Changes. Then any time someone makes a donation, they'll receive an automated email from you. 😃

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