Applying an ad credit

Log into your Facebook ads account and click on the billing tab. Then click on the green add payment method button.

Please note: You must have a primary payment method on file in order to use your ad credits and have an active ad account. If you don't already back up and add a credit card or paypal account first. 

This will open the following screen. Select Facebook ad coupon. 

Then simply paste in your ad credits coupon code

Checking the status of your credits

  • Was my credit successfully applied?
  • Has it expired?
  • Did I use up all the funds?
  • What is the remaining balance?

To answer these questions and others open the billing tab of your Facebook ads account and click edit payment methods. This will open the complete list of payment methods you have on file with Facebook.

If you see your credit(s) on the following screen they have been successfully applied to your account and still have active funds available. One this same screen you can see what the original balance was and how much is left.

If you don't see the credit(s) you were hoping to find open the Expired Payment Methods menu at the bottom of the page.

This will show you all credits that either expired or which their funds were exhausted.

If you still don't see the credits you're looking for try applying them again (assuming they are not expired). If you receive an error when trying to re-apply your credits there are a few possible reasons.

1.) The credit you tried to apply is expired

2.) The credit you tried to apply no longer has available funds

3.) The credit was already applied to a different ad account (either by yourself or another teammate)

4.) Double check that you copy and pasted the entirety of the code. You'll want four groups of four.

When all else fails reach out to Facebook's ads and billing team: 

Billing and paying for ads

On the first page of the billing tab on the left side of the screen you'll find your billing data.

A common misconception is that this Current Balance reflects how much you still have available to spend. This is not the case. This is how much you owe Facebook for your ads the next time you are billed. 

Under this figure you will also find the next billing date you will be charged for the ads you have run.

Keep in mind: It's normal to experience some lead time with Facebook billing. It's normal to run an ad on one day and be charged for it the following. This means it's possible to be charged on a different month's ad credit than you were expecting. 

Facebook charged my credit card not my ad credits

There can be a few different reasons why your credit card would be charged rather than your credits.

1.) The ad credits were applied to one account and then ads were run through a second. A easy way to double check this is to check if the ad credits were successfully applied to the account you ran ads through. The "Checking the status of your credits" section of this document will show you how to do this.

2.) The amount in ad spending exceeded the amount of credits. To see if this is the case check the status of your credits following the steps in the "Checking the status of your credits" section of this document. If the credit is expired or the funds has been exhausted this could mean you went over budget.

You can also check your credit amount against your transaction history found at the bottom of the Billing tab

3.) Some ads ran after one of your credits expired and before you applied the new one.

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