Using ActionSprout's social actions in conjunction with Facebook Ads Manager packs a potent one-two punch. You'll reach more people and the right people.

But first thing's first, you're going to need a Facebook Ads account.

Setting It Up

To get started, log into Facebook and navigate to the Ads Account section. Just click on the little arrow at the top of your screen and find Manage Ads toward the bottom of the menu.

(If you don’t see Manage Ads, you can also click on Create ads. That will take you there, too.)

On the next screen, you may prompted you to create your first ad. You do not need to create an ad at this point.

Find the button in the bottom left of your screen that says Close Without Saving.

Making It Active

Then Facebook will need to know a few pieces of information to set you up with an active account. (You must have an active account in order to spend your ad credits.)

Just click on Account Settings at the top of this screen and fill in the info they ask for.

Do note you can name your ad account at the top of the page. This can help you keep track of different accounts, for instance if you'd want to differentiate between your organization’s ad account and your personal one.

Adding Teammates

Further down the page, you’ll find the option to add teammates to this account as well. In terms of ad credits, this allows them to see the ads you’re running and grant them access and help manage your credits.

There are five levels of permissions you may grant someone. These permissions will determine what teammates can and cannot do from within your ad account. Here you will find the full list of permissions so you can choose the right one.

Adding Billing Info

Once you're done adding team members, hop into your Billing section. This is where you'll enter your ad credit coupon code to redeem your credits.

First though, you’ll need to fill in a primary payment method. Facebook requires you have a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account on file with them to apply and redeem your credits.

To do this, click on the green Add Payment Method button. Once that's filled in, you’re done. Your new Facebook Ads account is now active and ready to use.... so start taking advantage of it!

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